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 The topics of the current edition 8/2017
It's fun to enjoy
Everyone to his own taste: the Döhler company based in Darmstadt is active in the innovative food and beverage products industry and flanks its sales promotion activities with multisensory marketing. Natural ingredients from more than 4,000 different raw materials, ideas and solutions for more than 120 beverages and foods in more than 130 countries all over the world – that's Döhler's integrated approach to establishing and maintaining contact to customers: "It's always up to us sales staffers to visit our customers – bottling plants, breweries, mineral-water processing plants. At trade shows, we simply reverse roles", said Sandra Knab. "This is where we welcome them and highlight our hospitality qualities." Knab, who is responsible for the company's expo and event activities, pointed out that this applies in particular to the major shows such as Drinktec in Munich or Anuga in Cologne. At all these shows, visitors have an opportunity to test and taste a variety of ideas for food and beverages featuring multisensory innovations and trends – thus giving them an insight into how the future of the beverages industry will look.
Up at front
The early bird catches the worm: in keeping with this motto, Messe Westfalenhallen will launch its Best of Events as early as January 10 of next year. The Messe Institut will make use of this opportunity to relaunch the expo symposium Messe-Fachtagung MX already on January 9: there's still lots of space in heads at this time of the year. The organizers of the Best of Events (BOE) trade show aren't the only ones who intend to fill this space with ideas and suggestions, information and things worth knowing; their intention is enthuse attendants with the interesting services and products presented by 480 exhibitors as well as an extensive lecture program. The re-established Messe Institut based in Weil im Schönbuch also intends to benefit from the expo's attraction in order to revive the expo symposium, which will return from its five-year creative break as MX 31. Make use of synergies, is the catchword here.
Optimism in Southeast Asia
Malaysia is doing everything to establish itself as major trading center; for that purpose, the state bordering in the South China Sea is actively expanding existing expo facilities and building new ones as well. Available exhibition capacities are simply insufficient to accommodate any new events. This is about to change, and in grand style, too. Construction work is underway in all parts of the country. Plans provide for a total of 216,000 square meters of exhibition space at seven sites to be added by 2021, which will then amount 356,000 sqms, up 250% from today's approximately 140,000 sqms. "The demand for exhibition capacities currently exceeds supply", is how Ping Ho, General Manager Events of the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureaus (Myceb), explained the massive construction development programs. And the demand is there indeed: according to estimates by UFI, global association of the exhibition industry, the expo industry in Malaysia will be an important growth driver in Southeast Asia in the coming years. Forecasts for the next two years look for annual growth rates of 4.5 percent each.
China – familiar stranger
China has long ceased to be uncharted expo territory, neither for event organizers nor for many exhibitors. As a consequence, merely putting up an expo stand is no guarantee for success, but there still are numerous options for developing business opportunities. China expert Thomas Kiefer in our interview explained the significance of political door-openers to the Chinese market, the leading role industrialization plays in China's 2025 modernization plan, and consolidation trends in the Chinese expo industry.
Smiling at the top
Government agencies are beating the drum and are establishing attractive settings to draw organizers with new trade shows and fairs. And the plan is working out: an ever-increasing number of established formats are managing to transfer brands from Germany to Thailand, famously known as the Land of Smiles. None of the big expo names in the expo industry want to miss out doing business here. The current list includes the Agritechnica Asia, which had its debut this year in Bangkok, to be followed next year by the first-timers Biofach South East Asia and Cebit Asean Thailand. The up-and-coming ASEAN region is without any doubt an attractive market, in which Thailand is top of the class in terms of fairs and expos. The Kingdom of Thailand is undisputed market leader when it comes to number of events, exhibitors and the net rented exhibition space.
Cultural lab
Temporary architecture built to fit a particular occasion has a long tradition all over the world. From the eccentrical follies in royal parks all the way to distinctive landmarks in post-industrial regions such as the Ruhr region, they attract attention and put down architectural markers. The MPavilion was opened in Melbourne in early October of this year; its experimental architecture is an incentive to culture aficionados to convene for discussions in the park every year on mild summer evenings. The pavilion is open to the public; it has been erected in the Queen Victoria Gardens every year since 2014 and for five months each is a venue for cultural events. The fourth edition of this pavilion inspired by the design of a classic amphitheater is the first project completed on the Australian continent by Pritzker Award winner Rem Koolhaas and his partner David Gianotten.
Wooden shack, French-style
Under the motto "Frankfurt in French", Germany's neighbor presents itself with a comfy library setting based on lots of wood as well as warm colors and materials. The origins of the conceptual layout directed by communication designer Ruedi Baur (Studio Integral, Zurich) go back to a student contest at the French academy for art and design in Saint-Étienne. The fundamental configuration approach developed here was to translate library, construction scaffold and signposting into a single design vocabulary. Masterminded by academy lecturers Éric Jordan and Denis Coueignoux, this design approach was further refined and sophisticated. A support structure made of wooden strips was established as the entire presentation's common theme. Partition walls, information posts, presentation tables and stage backdrops were all elements of an enormous theme library. Sometimes more, sometimes less packed with books, the shelf walls gave viewers a look to the other side, thus providing new perspectives.
Sixth round
The Raumwelten event again attracted deciders and creative folks in the domains of architecture, brand communication, trade show and exhibition design, scenography as well as digital media to Ludwigsburg. From November 22 thru 25, 2017, the Baroque-style city was dominated by scenography, architecture and digital media - with a focus on spatial design and staging of transformation. The congress as in the years before was held in the Albrecht Ade Studios. Attendance at the multi-day event was not restricted to registered delegates, the local population from the Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart region was also incorporated in the flanking "Raumwelten Public" program.
Apples are history
The Famab trade association has decided to end its award program after 21 years – and will launch new projects together with partners. From 2019, they plan to put the International Festival of Brand Experience on tracks. The new industry event will be based in Dortmund, its objective is to establish a joint International Festival of Brand Experience. An award will also be presented here; the new Brand Ex will be conferred jointly by all partners. The new Brand Ex will incorporate the former Bea Award, Famab Award, Famab New Talent Award and Ina Award. At the time the new format is launched in January 2019, there will also be a congress designated to focus on contemporary industry issues in forums, workshops and bar camps. On the eve of the Best of Events trade show, the best entries will then be honored with the Brand Experience Award. Cross-disciplinary workgroups will be formed to work out details of the new concept, for example the composition of the individual awarding categories.
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